L    T     P    C
3    1      0    4

UNIT I           ENERGY PRINCIPLES                                                     9
Strain energy and strain energy density – Strain energy in traction, shear in flexure and
torsion  –  Castigliano’s  theorems  –  Principle  of  virtual  work  –  Application  of  energy
theorems  for  computing  deflections  in  beams  and  trusses  –  Maxwell’s  reciprocal

UNIT II          INDETERMINATE BEAMS                                              9
Propped  cantilever  and  fixed  beams-fixed  end  moments  and  reactions  for  concentrated
load (central, non central), uniformly distributed load, triangular load (maximum at centre
and  maximum  at  end)  –  Theorem  of  three  moments  –  Analysis  of  continuous  beams  –
shear force and bending moment diagrams for continuous beams – Slope deflections in
continuous beams (qualitative study only)..

UNIT III        COLUMNS                         9
Eccentrically  loaded  short  columns  –  Middle  third  rule  –  Core  section  –  Columns  of
unsymmetrical  sections  –  (angle  channel  sections)  –  Euler’s  theory  of  long  columns  –
critical  loads  for  prismatic  columns  with  different  end  conditions  –  Rankine-Gordon
formula for eccentrically loaded columns – Thick cylinders – Compound cylinders.

UNIT IV        STATE OF STRESS IN THREE DIMENSIONS                       9
Spherical and deviatory components of stress tensor – Determination of principal stresses
and principal planes – Volumetric strain – Dilatation and distortion – Theories of failure
– Principal stress dilatation – Principal strain – Shear stress – Strain energy and distortion
energy theories – Application in analysis of stress, load carrying capacity and design of
members – Residual stresses.

UNIT V          ADVANCED TOPICS IN BENDING OF BEAMS                              9
Unsymmetrical bending of beams of symmetrical and unsymmetrical sections – Curved
beams – Winkler Bach formula – Stress concentration – Shear flow – Center.        
                                                                L: 45 T: 15 Total: 60
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