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UNIT I           OPEN CHANNEL FLOW                                9
Open channel flow – Types and regimes of flow – Velocity distribution in open channel –
Wide  open  channel  –  Specific  energy  –  Critical  flow  and  its  computation  –  Channel

UNIT II          UNIFORM FLOW                                   9
Uniform   flow   –   Velocity   measurement   –   Manning’s   and   Chezy’s   formula   –
Determination of roughness coefficients – Determination of normal depth and velocity –
Most economical sections – Non-erodible channels.
UNIT III        VARIED FLOW                                       9
Dynamic  equations  of  gradually  varied  flow  –  Assumptions  –  Characteristics  of  flow
profiles  –  Draw  down  and  back  water  curves  –  Profile  determination  –  Graphical
integration, direct step and standard step method – Flow through transitions –  Hydraulic
jump – Types – Energy dissipation – Surges.

UNIT IV        PUMPS                                                      9
Centrifugal  pump  –  Minimum  speed  to  start  the  pump  –  Multistage  Pumps  –  Jet  and
submersible pumps – Positive displacement pumps – Reciprocating pump – Negative slip
– Flow separation conditions – Air vessels – Indicator diagram and its variation – Savings
in work done – Rotary pumps.

UNIT V          TURBINES                                   9
Turbines – Draft tube and cavitations – Application of momentum principle – Impact of
jets on plane and curved plates – Turbines – Classification – Radial flow turbines – Axial
flow turbines – Impulse and Reaction.
L: 45 T: 15 Total: 60
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