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UNIT I           SOIL INTER RELATIONS                               8
Nature  of  Soil  –  Problems  with  soil  –  Phase  relation  –  Sieve  analysis  –  Sedimentation
analysis – Atterberg limits – Classification for engineering purposes – BIS Classification
system  –  Soil  compaction  –  Factors  affecting  compaction  –  Field  compaction  methods
and monitoring.

UNIT II          SOIL WATER AND WATER FLOW                       8
Soil  water  –  Various  forms  –  Influence  of  clay  minerals  –  Capillary  rise  –  Suction  –
Effective stress concepts in soil – Total, neutral and effective stress distribution in soil –
Permeability – Darcy’s law –  Permeability measurement in the laboratory – Quick sand
condition – Seepage – Laplace equation – Introduction to flow nets –Properties and uses
– Application to simple problems.

                        SETTLEMENT                                                          10
Stress  distribution  in  soil  media  –  Boussinesque  formula  –  Stress  due  to  line  load  and
Circular and rectangular loaded area – Approximate methods – Use of influence charts –
Westergaard  equation  for  point  load  –  Components  of  settlement  –  Immediate  and
consolidation settlement – Terzaghi's one dimensional consolidation theory – Governing
differential equation  –  Laboratory consolidation test – Field consolidation curve – NC
and OC clays – Problems on final and time rate of consolidation

UNIT IV        SHEAR STRENGTH                              9
Shear  strength  of  cohesive  and  cohesionless  soils  –  Mohr  –  Coulomb  failure  theory  –
Saturated soil and unsaturated soil (basics only) – Strength parameters – Measurement of
shear  strength,  direct  shear,  triaxial  compression,  unconfined  compressive  strength  and
vane shear tests –Types of shear tests based on drainage and their applicability – Drained
and undrained behaviour of clay and sand – Stress path for conventional triaxial test.

UNIT V          SLOPE STABILITY                     10
Slope failure mechanisms – Modes – Infinite slopes – Finite slopes – Total and effective
stress analysis – Stability analysis for purely cohesive and c-φ soils–  Method of slices –
Modified  Bishop’s  method  –  Friction  circle  method  –  Stability  number  –  Problems  –
Slope protection measures. 

Total: 45 

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