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UNIT I           INTRODUCTION                                              9
Design  of  through  type  steel  highway  bridges  for  IRC  loading  –  Design  of  stringers  –
Cross  girders  and  main  girders  –  Design  of  deck  type  steel  highway  bridges  for  IRC
loading – Design of main girders.
UNIT II          STEEL BRIDGES                                              9
Design of pratt type truss girder highway bridges – Design of top chord – Bottom chord –
Web members – Effect of repeated loading – Design of plate girder railway bridges for
railway  loading  –  Wind  effects  –  Design  of  web  and  flange  plates  –  Vertical  and
horizontal stiffeners.         

UNIT III        REINFORCED CONCRETE SLAB BRIDGES                           9
Design  of  solid  slab  bridges  for  IRC  loading  –  Design  of  kerb  –  Design  of  tee  beam
bridges – Design of panel and cantilever for IRC loading. 

UNIT IV        REINFORCED CONCRETE GIRDER BRIDGES                               9
Design  of  tee  beam  –  Courbon's  theory  –  Pigeaud's  curves  –  Design  of  balanced
cantilever  bridges  –  Deck  slab  –  Main  girder  –  Design  of  cantilever  –  Design  of
UNIT V          PRESTRESSED CONCRETE BRIDGES                                     9
Design of prestressed concrete bridges – Preliminary dimensions – Flexural and torsion
parameters  –  Courbon's  theory  –  Distribution  coefficient  by  exact  analysis  –  Design  of
girder section – Maximum and minimum prestressing forces – Eccentricity – Live load
and dead load shear forces – cable zone in girder – Check for stresses at various sections
–  Check  for  diagonal  tension  –  Diaphragms  –  End  block  –  Short  term  and  long  term
       Total: 45   

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