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UNIT I           STEEL WATER TANKS                                                    15
Design  of  rectangular  riveted  steel  water  tank  –  Tee  covers  –  Plates  –  Stays  –
Longitudinal and transverse beams – Design of staging – Base plates – Foundation and
anchor bolts – Design of pressed steel water tank – Design of stays – Joints – Design of
hemispherical bottom water tank – Side plates – Bottom plates – Joints – Ring girder –
Design of staging and foundation.

UNIT II          CONCRETE WATER TANKS                                          15
Design of circular tanks – Hinged and fixed at the base – IS method of calculating shear
forces  and  moments  –  Hoop  tension  –  Design  of  intze  tank  –  Dome  –  Ring  girders  –
Conical  dome  –  Staging  –  Bracings  –  Raft  foundation  –  Design  of  rectangular  tanks  –
Approximate methods and IS methods – Design of under ground tanks – Design of base
slab and side wall – Check for uplift.

UNIT III        STEEL BUNKERS AND SILOS                                          5
Design of square bunker – Jansen’s and Airy’s theories – IS Codal provisions – Design of
side plates – Stiffeners – Hooper – Longitudinal beams – Design of cylindrical silo – Side
plates – Ring girder – Stiffeners.

UNIT IV        CONCRETE BUNKERS AND SILOS                                          5
Design of square bunker – Side walls – Hopper bottom – Top and bottom edge beams –
Design  of  cylindrical  silo  –  Wall  portion  –  Design  of  conical  hopper  –  Ring  beam  at

UNIT V          PRESTRESSED CONCRETE WATER TANKS                         5
Principles of circular prestressing – Design of prestressed concrete circular water tanks. 

Total: 45
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