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UNIT I           INTRODUCTION                                    9
Cartography  today  –  Nature  of  cartography  –  History  of  cartography  –  Graticules  –

UNIT II          EARTH                                                                          9
Earth  –  Map  relations  –  Basic  geodesy  –  Map  projections  –  Scale  –  Reference  and
coordinate system – Transformation – Basic transformation – Affin transformation.

UNIT III        SOURCES OF DATA                                                  9
Sources  of  data  –  Ground  survey  and  positioning  –  Remote  sensing  data  collection  –
Census  and  sampling  –  Data  –  Models  for  digital  cartographic  information  –  Map

UNIT IV        PERCEPTION AND DESIGN                                    9
Cartographic  design  –  Color  theory  and  models  –  Color  and  pattern  creation  and
specification – Color and pattern – Typography and lettering the map – Map compilation.

UNIT V          CARTOGRAPHY ABSTRACTION                                              9
Selection  and  generalisation  principles  –  Symbolisation  –  Topographic  and  thematic
maps – Map production and reproduction – Map series.

    Total: 45
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