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Design of Canals

Design of Canals

Huge amounts of money are invested around the world in construction or up-gradation of canals. Nearly 80–85 % of the cost of a total canal system constitutes transmission and the distribution canal networks. Due to the enormous costs involved, canal design is an area that has attracted many researchers for a long time.
The aim of this book is to provide the reader with an understanding of the analysis and design aspects of canals. The book covers the topics related to the analysis and design of water-carrying as well as sediment-transporting canals. It covers the uniform flow principles and their application in the determination of normal depth.
The general principles of canal design have been covered to highlight the cost aspects and the other parameters required for the design of a canal. The other topics covered in the book relate to the determination of seepage discharge through canals of various shapes under different types of drainage positioning of drainage layers.
The various topics pertain to canal design for minimum area, minimum earth work cost, minimum lining cost, minimum seepage loss, minimum evaporation loss, and their combinations. The design of contraction and expansive transitions is part of the design of cross drainage works. A chapter is also devoted to the design of these transitions.
Most of the designs are provided in a closed form that can be directly adopted by design engineers. A significant part of the book covers numerical examples.
Experience has shown that complete mastery of the design project cannot be attained without familiarising oneself thoroughly with numerical procedures. For this reason,it is better not to consider numerical examples as a mere illustration but as an integral part of the general presentation.
The book is structured in a way so as to enable an engineer to design functionally efficient and least-cost canals. It is also intended to be useful for students, professional engineers, and researchers. Any suggestions for improvement of the book will be gratefully received.


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