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Concrete Construction Practical Problems and Solutions

Concrete Construction Practical Problems and Solutions

Cement concrete is the most abundantly used material in all types of construction, particularly in developing countries, primarily because of the cheap availability of its ingredients, and its versatility of being formed into any practically desired shape to give the intended structure the size, strength, and properties required for its satisfactory performance. Through proper selection of materials and adoption of the correct construction method appropriate for each individual construction project, concrete can be prepared to satisfy all the requirements of strength and performance in any kind of location and environmental conditions. Good concrete is, no doubt, required to achieve this purpose for which standard specifications and procedures are available in many books and manuals of practices.
Many engineers and technical staff working on construction sites do not have access to this large volume of literature, besides which they are often unaware of the results of research carried out on this subject in the recent past. Quite often, they are ignorant of the specific problems encountered on construction sites. If not properly handled, these problems can lead to poor quality of construction, and sometimes even failures. Based on his practical experience, Mr. Surahyo has tried to put in one volume, and in a concise form, both the aspects: (a) the properties required of good quality concrete-making materials and, (b) the factors and mistakes that create construction problems on the sites. He has also quoted the relevant British and American standards/specifications with a  view  to creating awareness among readers about the importance of adherence to these standards, besides improving their knowledge of both the quality of concrete and the correct construction practices.
This book is written in simple and easy-to-understand language for the benefit of engineers and technicians employed on construction sites. It will also be useful for engineering and technical students in their subjects of Concrete Technology and Construction Engineering.



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