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Construction Water Proofing Handbook

Construction Water Proofing Handbook

The basic waterproofing principles presented in Chapter 1—the 90%/1% principle and the 99% principle—are recognized as the most important guides in designing, constructing, and maintaining a waterproof structure. Evidence found in construction failures and presented in lawsuits related to leakage and damage caused by leakage continually reinforces these two founding principles of waterproofing building science.
Waterproofing is finally being defined not as an individual system but as a construction process that involves all the exterior building cladding components not as the responsibility of one individual subcontractor, the waterproofer, but of the entire construction team,from the designer to the contractor to all subcontractors and material suppliers.
This new edition includes a new chapter on residential waterproofing, which emphasizes the necessity of treating a home’s exterior as an integrated system acting to prevent water inflation. As in all other types of construction, successful residential construction also must follow the practices set forth throughout this book.
A chapter on mold remediation also has been added. While mold infestation in structures has been the subject of massive news coverage, its cause is completely traceable to a failure to follow proper waterproofing practices.
These updates add important information to this most complete waterproofing guide available. The original building envelope and the 90%/1% and 99% principles have not changed and remain the most important issues regarding a completely successful construction or remediation project.


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