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2018 International Building Code Illustrated Handbook

2018 International Building Code Illustrated Handbook

The publication of this handbook is based on many decades of experience by the authors and the other contributors. Since its initial publication, the handbook has become a living document subject to changes and refinements as newer code regulations are released. This latest edition reflects extensive modifications based on the requirements found in the 2018 International Building Code.
The initial handbook, on which the nonstructural portions of this document are based,was published in 1988. It was authored by Vincent R. Bush. In developing the discussions of intent, Mr. Bush drew heavily on his 25 years of experience in building safety regulation.Mr. Bush, a structural engineer, was intimately involved in code development work for many years.
In addition to the expertise of Mr. Bush, major contributions were made by John F.Behrens. Mr. Behrens’s qualifications were as impressive as the original author’s. He had vast experience as a building official, code consultant, and seminar instructor. Mr. Behrens provided the original manuscript of the means of egress chapter and assisted in the preparation of many other chapters.
Revisions to the handbook occurred regularly over the years, with content based on the
provisions of the International Building Code authored by Doug Thornburg, AIA, CBO.
Mr. Thornburg, a certified building official and registered architect, has over 38 years of
experience in the building regulatory profession. Previously a building inspector, plans
reviewer, building code administrator, seminar instructor, and code consultant, he is currently the Vice President and Technical Director of Product Development at the International Code Council® (ICC®). In his present role, Mr. Thornburg develops and reviews technical publications, reference books, resource materials, and educational programs relating to the International Codes®. He continues to present building code seminars nationally and has developed numerous educational texts, including Significant Changes to the IBC, 2018 Edition. Mr. Thornburg was presented with the ICC’s inaugural
Educator of the Year Award in 2008, recognizing his outstanding contributions in education and training.
The basis of the discussion on the structural provisions in the 2018 IBC Illustrated
Handbook is the 2000 IBC Handbook—Structural Provisions, authored by S. K. Ghosh,
Ph.D., and Robert Chittenden, SE. Both authors have extensive knowledge, expertise, and
experience in the development of many of the structural provisions of the IBC. Dr. Ghosh
initially authored Chapters 16 and 19, and Mr. Chittenden authored Chapters 17, 18, 20,
21, 22, and 23. John Henry, PE, a former ICC principal staff engineer, authored the
commentary addressing IBC Chapters 16 through 23 for the past several editions. Mr.
23Henry was presented with the ICC’s John Nosse Award for Technical Excellence in 2011,
recognizing his outstanding contributions and technical expertise. He is now a consulting
engineer in private practice.
The structural provisions in relation to Chapters 16 through 23 in this edition have
been updated by both William C. Bracken, PE, and Chris Kimball, SE. Mr. Bracken is a
current ICC subject matter expert on curriculum development and delivery and a registered
civil and structural engineer, and has 30 years of experience with structural, building
envelope, general civil, floodplain, construction, and forensic engineering projects. He was
also presented with the ICC’s 2017 Educator of the Year Award, recognizing his dedication
to training.
Mr. Kimball is currently the Vice President of West Coast Code Consultants, Inc., in
addition to providing structural training on behalf of the ICC. He is a licensed structural
engineer, ICC master code professional, certified building official, and fire code official,
and holds numerous other certifications. Mr. Kimball specializes in providing plan review
services to jurisdictions throughout the western United States and is often asked to provide
code training to building officials, design professionals, and contractors.
Great appreciation is due to Sandra Hyde, PE, ICC senior staff engineer, for her review
of and input into the structural chapters in this edition.
The information and opinions expressed in this handbook are those of the present and
past authors, as well as the many contributors, and do not necessarily represent the official
position of the International Code Council. Additionally, the opinions may not represent
the viewpoint of any enforcing agency. Opinions expressed in this handbook are only
intended to be a resource in the application of the IBC, and the building official is not
obligated to accept such opinions. The building official is the final authority in rendering
interpretations of the code.



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