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Concrete Building Scheme Design Manual

Concrete Building Scheme Design Manual

This handbook is laid out to reflect the examination questions; to date these have followed
the same format. Section 1 of the examination is the design appraisal and this is covered in
Section 2, which provides essential information required to assist in answering this part of
the examination.
Section 2 of the examination is divided into three parts; firstly (section 2c) there is the
requirement  to  prepare  sufficient  calculations  to  establish  the  size  and  form  of  all  the
principal structural elements. Guidance is given in Section 3 of this handbook.
Section 2d requires the candidate to prepare plans, sections and elevations, including critical
details, for estimating purposes; examples are given in Section 4. Finally section 2e requires
detailed method statements and often an outline programme to be prepared and this is
covered in Section 5.
Readers should appreciate that this publication is written for the structural engineer practising
in the UK. Whilst many of the principles can be applied to structures around the world, it
must be clearly understood that environmental and geotechnical factors encountered may
be significantly different. It is also written with the design of building structures in mind rather
than bridges or offshore structures. The requirements for question 8, structural dynamics, are
not specifically covered.

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