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UNIT I  PRELIMINARY INVESTIGATION                                                      9
Principles of planning – Planning regulations and bye-laws-site works and  setting out –
Excavations and timbering – Sub soil drainage – Electricity lighting on building sites –
Winter building – Preparation of layout – Site plan – Orientation of buildings.

UNIT II           SITE SELECTION AND SUB STRUCTURES                                     9
Site selection – Types of building as per NBC – Types of foundations – Shallow – Deep
foundations – Machine foundation  

UNIT III         SUPER STRUCTURE                                                9
Stone and brick masonry – Composite masonry – Load bearing walls – Cavity walls –
Partition walls – Reinforced brick masonry.

UNIT IV         FLOORING AND ROOFING                                             9
Ground  floors  –  Components  –  Types  –  Suspended  flooring  –  Upper  floors  –  Types  –
Methods of laying – Type of roofs – Types of pitched roof – Shell roofs – Folded plate
roofs – Constructional practices – Roof covering details.

UNIT V           STAIRCASE AND SERVICES                                           9
Requirement of a good staircase – Type of staircase calculation for geometry – Ramps –
Escalators lifts – Types – Handling capacity.
                                                           Total: 45

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