What does a site engineer do?

What does a site engineer do?

Site engineer is a civil engineer monitoring construction activities being performed by contractor.
The following duties as part of monitoring activities.
1) To make sure construction work goes as per plans.
2) To make sure all materials used and work being performed are as per specifications.
3) Quality control.
4) Safety of supervising inspectors and construction workers.
5) Prepare daily reports.
6) Measure quantities of work done daily.
7) Make sure that progress of work is as per schedule.
8) If progress is slow, then discuss with contractor how to get back to schedule.
9) Coordinate with all related agencies and utility companies if involved in project.
10) held biweekly or monthly meetings to resolve future issues in advance.
11) Make decisions to resolve any emergency issue that require immediate decision.
12) Correspondence with all agencies and contractor.
13) Process contractor's payments to client for payment.
There are some more duties depending on the nature of the project.
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