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IS codes used for Clay and Stabilized Soil products for Construction

IS codes used for Clay and Stabilized Soil products for Construction

Following are the IS codes which are used for Clay and Stabilized Soil products for Construction. It includes standardization in the field of burnt, unburnt clay and stabilized soil products for construction.

IS 654:1992 Clay roofing tiles, mangalore pattern – Specification.

IS 1077:1992 Common burnt clay building bricks – Specification

IS 1464:1992 Clay ridge and ceiling tiles – Specification

IS 1478:1992 Clay flooring tile – Specification

IS 1725:1982 Specification for soil based blocks used in general building construction

IS 2117:1991 Guide for manufacture of hand-made common burnt clay building bricks

IS 2180:1988 Specification for heavy duty burnt clay building bricks

IS 2222:1991 Specification for burnt clay perforated building bricks

IS 2248:1992 Glossary of terms relating to clay products for buildings

IS 2690(Part 1):1993 Burnt clay flat terracing tiles- Specification : Part 1 Machine made

IS 2690(Part 2):1992 Burnt clay flat terracing tiles – Specification : Part 2 Hand made

IS 2691:1988 Specification for burnt clay facing bricks

IS 3367:1993 Burnt clay tiles for use in lining irrigation and drainage works – Specification

IS 3495(Part 1-4):1992 Methods of tests of burnt clay building bricks:
Part 1 Determination of compressive strength
Part 2 Determination of water absorption
Part 3 Determination of efflorescence
Part 4 Determination of warpage

IS 3583:1988 Specification for burnt clay paving bricks

IS 3951(Part 1):2009 Specification for hollow clay tiles for floors and roofs Part 1 Filler type

IS 3951(Part 2):2009 Hollow clay tiles for floors and roofs-Specification: Part 2 Structural type

IS 3952:1988 Specification for burnt clay hollow bricks for walls and partitions

IS 3978:1993 Manufacture of burnt clay Mangalore pattern roofing tiles – Code of practice

IS 4885:1988 Specification for sewer bricks

IS 5454:1978 Methods of sampling of clay building bricks

IS 5779:1986 Specification for burnt clay soling bricks

IS 6165:1992 Dimensions for special shapes of clay bricks

IS 7556:1988 Specification for burnt clay jallies

IS 8920:1978 Methods for sampling of burnt clay tiles

IS 11650:1991 Guide for manufacture of common burnt clay building bricks by semi-mechanized process

IS 13317:1992 Clay roofing country tiles, half round and flat tiles – Specification

IS 13757:1993 Burnt clay fly ash building bricks – Specification

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