Unit - I

1. Define Principles of planning.

2. What is planning regulations?

3. Define building Bye-laws-site.

4. Define a) Site work and b) Setting out of building.

5. Define excavation and timbering.

6. Define subsoil drainage.

7. Discuss about building site lighting and electricity layouts.

8. How to prepare the building layout.

9. Define building sites.

10. What are the different points considered in layout?

11. Define site plan.

12. What is meant by the orientation of building?


1. Explain briefly the Planning regulations.

2. Explain building bye-laws site works.

3. Define setting out of building and explain it with neat sketch.

4. Explain the excavations and timbering with neat sketch.

5. Enumerate the various points considered in electricity lighting on building sites.

6. Explain briefly in preparation of layout and various points considered in the approval of

7. Write short notes on a) site plan b) winter building c) sub soil drainage.

8. Briefly explain the orientation of building.

Unit - II

1. List the types of building as per NBC.

2. List out the types of shallow foundation.

3. List the types of deep foundation.

4. State the function of foundations.

5. Define bearing capacity of soil.

6. Define a) Anvil b) Tup.

7. List the types of piles.

8. Define foundation support.

9. Define swage piles.

10. Define vibro piles.

11. List two advantages of precast concrete piles.

12. List two disadvantages of precast concrete piles.

13. Define coffer dam.

14. List the advantage and disadvantage of pneumatic caisson.


1. Enumerated various groups in which building are divided as per NBC.

2. a) Differentiate between strip footing and pad footing.

b) Differentiate between combined trap footing and strap footing.

3. What do you understand by grillage foundation? Draw a neat sketch of steel grillage
foundation for a steel stanchion. Explain the method of construction.

4. What do you understand by raft foundation? When do you prefer them? Explain with the
help of a neat sketch of common types (or form) of raft foundation.

5. Differentiate between the following.

a) Cased cast in situ pile.

b) Uncased cast in situ pile.

c) Bored pile.
Give one example of each.

6. What do you understand by under reamed pile foundation? When do we use it? Draw a
typical sketch of a under reamed pile foundation along with a grade beam for use in
expansive soil.

7. What is coffer dam? Where do we use it? With the help of neat sketches explain in briefly
various types of coffer dam.

8. With the help of a neat sketch, explain the method of sinking of a pneumatic caisson. What is
optimum depth under water up to which you can sink pneumatic caisson?

9. Explain in brief the general rules for the design of foundation for reciprocating engines.
Explain in brief the design criteria for foundation for impact type machines

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