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10 Tips to obtain Good Marks in Anna University Examination

10 Tips to obtain Good Marks in Anna University Examination

It’s the time to prepare for the Anna University May/ June 2013 Examination.

Tips to get good marks in Anna University Examination

First understand about yourself that You can study well.

Tip 1: Study according to the Syllabus.

Tip 2: Don’t memorize the content in the book. Understand the concept in the topic and write it in the examination. But for the laws, write the laws as in the book or study material.

Tip 3: Practice to draw diagrams in the home.Draw the diagrams only with pencils in the examination.

Tip 4: Don’t forget to put the question numbers for the answers.

Tip 5: Handwriting is very important, so try to improve your handwriting.

Tip 6: For questions like applications, uses write the answers as points.

Tip 7: In Theory papers, for 16 marks questions write the answers in the format below:
* Principle
* Diagram
* Construction
* Working

Tip 8: In Problematic papers, write the answers in the below format:
* Given
* Formula
* Substitution
* Answer

Tip 9: Write the headings with Black ball point pens and write the answers in Blue Ball point pen. Don’t Use colors like Red,Green, Yellow, etc

Tip 10: Presenting the answer is very important. Underline every headings and after the answers.

All the Best...!!

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