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L    T    P    C
3     1     0    4

UNIT I   INTRODUCTION                          9
Types of estimates – Units of measurements – Methods of estimates – Advantages Load
bearing and framed structures – Calculation of quantities of brick work – RCC – PCC–
Plastering  –  White  washing  –  Colour  washing  and  painting  –  Varnishing  for  shops  –
Rooms  –  Residential  building  with  flat  and  pitched  roof  –  Various  types  of  arches  –
Calculation of brick work and RCC works in arches – Estimate of joineries for panelled
and glazed doors – Windows – Ventilators– Handrails. 

UNIT II  ESTIMATE OF OTHER STRUCTURES                           9
Estimating  of  septic  tank,  soak  pit  –  Sanitary  and  water  supply  installations  –  Water
supply  pipe  line  –  Sewer  line  –  Tube  well  –  Open  well  –  Estimate  of  bituminous  and
cement concrete roads – Estimate of retaining walls – Culverts – Estimating of irrigation
works – Aqueduct, syphon, fall.

UNIT III          SPECIFICATION AND TENDERS                          9
Data – Schedule of rates – Analysis of rates – Specifications – Sources – Detailed and
general specifications – Tenders – Contracts – Types of contracts – Arbitration and legal

UNIT IV          VALUATION                                9
Necessity – Basics of value engineering – Capitalised value – Depreciation – Escalation –
Value of building – Calculation of standard rent – Mortage – Lease.

UNIT V           REPORT PREPARATION                    9
Principles for report preparation – Report on estimate of residential building – Culvert –
Roads – Water supply and sanitary installations – Tube wells – Open wells.
              L: 45 T: 15 Total: 60

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Distributors Pvt. Ltd., 2003.
2.         Kohli, D.D and Kohli, R.C., “A Text Book of Estimating and Costing ”, S.Chand
and Company Ltd., 2004.

1.      Vazirani,  V.N  and    Chandola  S.P.  “Civil  Engineering  Estimating  and    Costing:  
Including    Quantity    Surveying,    Valuation    and    Contracting    “,    Khanna 
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