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Soil Injection under the Basics, Shapes and Methods

Soil injection under the basics, shapes and methods

The spread of buildings and facilities may encounter a lack of soil capacity to bear loads and have to partially or completely build the facility under groundwater and to overcome this, engineers have sought diverse solutions such as:
1- Soil installation and it is used to treat surface soil.
2- Drying the soil.
3- Use of temporary dams.
4- Using tablet cartridges.
5- Injection of Soil. So what is the definition of the word injection?
Soil injection soil lowering foundation occurs for various reasons, may be due to design, implementation, or any changes around the facility, which may cause the appearance of tendencies to the building, headstones, and therefore, resort to maintenance, demolition, or treatment of the foundations by injection or sycophants and So many are available Forms of soil injection soil injection:
- Compaction grout
- Jet grout
- Superget grout
Most of the uses below the foundations are compaction grout and its purpose is to pump cement material that may mix with bentonite inside weak soil or it is improved at different depths allowing the landing below the foundations to be stopped and is priced by point and features its ability to reach different regions Under the buildings, other types are used for work Large layers of injection and also full columns of injection use them for various purposes.
The collapse of the building results from several reasons, which are important, the quality of soil, and it can be sand, rock or mud, and other reasons that also result from the collapse of the buildings and say what you are talking about, and it is the weakness of the concrete (cement + sand + parts + water) which we have to inject Soil under the foundations, which is the import of chemicals into the soil, and the purpose of this is to improve the properties of the soil to carry the burdens that are authorized or will take over.
Injection process requires a laboratory inspection of soil, study its properties and find the right mechanism for injection process and injection compounds.

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