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Collection of AutoCAD Hatch patterns Free Download

Collection of AutoCAD Hatch patterns Free Download

Here is our collection of AutoCAD Hatch patterns and seamless textures for free download.
Generally, to fill an area with a pattern hatches are used and there are plenty of ready-made hatch patterns available in AutoCAD but if you want to use your own custom hatch pattern then you can make it using a type of simple code and also using an express tool called Superhatch.

In this article, I have explained both the methods in detail including the process of transferring hatch pattern from one drawing to other.

Making hatches using Superhatch is pretty easy and it does not need any kind of code but you won’t be able to transfer these custom hatches from one drawing to other which might be very limiting for most of the uses.

On the other hand, you can easily transfer hatches made with “hatch code”. To begin with, I will explain making custom hatch pattern using hatch code than about Superhatch tool.

But if you don’t feel like reading the article you can watch this video as well which explains both the methods.


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