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Design guide for buildable steel connections

Design guide for buildable steel connections

Design guide for buildable steel connections

The Structural Steel Society of Singapore (SSSS) strives to pursue the Society’s vision for the industry to adopt the use of structural steel in the built environment sector. One of the ways to 
boost the adoption of structural steel is to improve the current industry practices on the design 
and detailing of steel connections. Through consultation with the industry, it was found that 
there is a need to bridge the gap between consultants and steel fabricators that hinders the use 
of more buildable steel connections in order to facilitate ease of fabrication and site installation of steel structures. 
With the assistance of the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) in driving productivity through the use of structural steel construction, SSSS prepared this guide book in order to raise 
the capability of  the industry through the use of standardised buildable connections.  It is 
envisaged that the use of this guide book by design consultants will align with connection details commonly adopted by steel fabricators in their fabrication and erection procedures. 
Thus, this will also reduce disruption arising from abortive work due to design changes and the 
time taken to further develop the steel connection details can be minimised. 
It is hoped that the guide book will serve a de facto standard for designers to adopt buildable 
connections in their works as detailed calculations of the various connections are provided for reference.  Moving forward,  the  Society  will  continue to engage with  the  SSSS  members, 
consultants, builders, academia and other stakeholders to encourage the use of structural steel construction in our industry. 
I would like to thank the workgroup members, authors of the guidebook, officers of the BCA 
and  friends  from  the  building  industry  for  their  contributions  and  support  in  making  this 
publication a success for the benefit of the industry. 



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