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Design and Construction of Modern Steel Railway Bridges

Design and Construction of Modern Steel Railway Bridges

This second edition handbook is a tribute to not only Mr. Unsworth’s hands-on expertise, but also that of his esteemed AREMA colleagues. It is a fresh draught from a very fine, well-aged barrel. It will be a bellwether for railway bridge engineering for decades to come; a true bridge book in many senses. Metaphorically, and in the North American idiom, it is a ‘smoking iron horse’ bringing precious knowledge to new people; knowledge from the most efficient rail freight network in the world that has successfully spanned the age of oil."
― Peter Mulqueen, Ironhorse Bridge Ltd., New Zealand

"What I really like about this text is that it covers all that is needed to design and build a steel railway bridge in accordance with AREMA Criteria. Generally, one need two or three texts to cover the range that this book covers. This book contains very comprehensive new treatment of construction and erection of steel bridge superstructures not found easily elsewhere. It will be very helpful for design individuals as well as construction engineers. There is nothing else like it on the market at this time."
―Robert A.P. Sweeney, Consulting Structural Engineer, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

"This is an excellent resource book for junior designers who need to acquaint themselves with the subject material, or seasoned professionals who need to re-familiarize themselves with certain topics. For anyone involved in railway bridge design, I would consider this as a must have resource book."
―Nigel Peters, Canadian National Railways, Montreal, Canada

"This book is the epitome of the savoir faire of the engineering behind every rail steel bridge! To junior engineers, it is the guide to the path to success; to the expert it is a refreshing reference that reflects upon the fundamental knowledge upon which the everyday design aids are built on. It is a must have reference book that should exist in every engineer’s bookshelf."
―Dimitris C. Rizos, University of South Carolina, USA

"Mr. Unsworth’s book is a truly unique resource for practitioners, owners, and academics. I am not aware of any equivalent modern book on the topic of steel RR bridges. In my advanced steel design and behavior classes, it is my ‘go to’ source for certain specific topics related to built-up members, gusset plate designs, and general topics specific to RR bridges. I look forward to this second edition."
―Robert J. Connor, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA



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