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Complete Construction Real Answers Contractor Need Masonry

Complete Construction Real Answers 

Contractor Need Masonry

Concrete  and  masonry  are  two  of  the  most  widely  used  building materials in the world. Brick and stone structures date back to prehistoric times, and it is the durability of these materials which assured the survival of such architectural relics for thousands of years.Concrete and masonry are almost always a part of contemporary residential construction.  From simple, low-income housing with poured concrete slabs or foundations, to high-end custom residences with masonry veneers and elaborate carved or cast stone decorative elements, from sidewalks and driveways to retaining walls and patios, concrete and masonry are a prevalent part of the suburban landscape. Because of the variety of materials which masonry includes—brick, concrete block, adobe, glass block, natural and cast stone—residential masonry construction spans a range of economic markets,  architectural styles, regional customs, and service applications.
In the chapters which follow, the most common residential applications of concrete and masonry are described in detail,  including foundations, slabs, paving, veneers, retaining walls, and patios. The tools, techniques, and recommended practices for each material and system are discussed, as well as planning and estimating. This book is written as a reference for home builders and residential masonry contractors as well as a text for the apprentice wishing to learn more about concrete and masonry.

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