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Deep Excavation Theory and Practice

Deep Excavation Theory and Practice


Accelerating economic development and urbanization has led to engineers becoming increasingly ambitious, carrying out excavations in more difficult soils, so that excavations are deeper and more extensive. These complex conditions require advanced analysis, design methods and construction technologies. Most books on general foundation engineering introduce basic analysis and design of excavation, but do not usually deal with analysis and design in practice. This book covers both areas, introducing methods currently used in modern engineering, which can readily be applied to analysis and design in actual excavations. Based on interaction between research results, analysis and teaching experience, the book is suitable for both teachers and engineers in advanced analysis and design. Each chapter ends with a series of problems and solutions, making it equally useful as a textbook for senior undergraduate and graduate levels.

Table of Contents


Soil Properties and Lateral Earth Pressures

Excavation Methods and Supporting System

Lateral Earth Pressure

Stability Analysis

Stress and Deformation Analysis – Simplified Method

Stress and Deformation Analysis – Beam on Elastic Foundation Method

Stress and Deformation Analysis – Finite Element Method

Dewatering of Excavations

Design of Structural Components

Excavation and Protection of Adjacent Buildings

Monitoring System


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