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CRSI Design Handbook

CRSI Design Handbook


CHAPTER 1 – Basis and Use of Tabulated Designs
CHAPTER 2 – Strength Design of Columns
CHAPTER 3 – Square and Rectangular Columns
CHAPTER 4 – Round-Tied Columns
CHAPTER 5 – Strength Design of Flexural Members and Development and Splice Design Data for Reinforcing Bars
CHAPTER 6 – Serviceability Requirements
CHAPTER 7 – One-Way Slabs
CHAPTER 8 – One-Way Concrete Joist Construction
CHAPTER 9 – Solid Two-Way Flat Plates — Square Panels
CHAPTER 10 – Two-Way Solid Flat Slabs — Square Panels with Drops
CHAPTER 11 – Waffle Flat Slabs — Square Panels
CHAPTER 12 – Beams
CHAPTER 13 – Square Spread Footings, Pile Caps and Drilled Piers
CHAPTER 14 – Cantilevered Retaining Walls
EXPANDED COLUMN TABLES – Chapter 3 and Chapter 4


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