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German develop ' Concrete Green ' against Global Warming

German develop ' Concrete Green ' against Global Warming

           Geodatabase Forschungsbeauftragte German a new type of concrete called Yha ' Concrete Green ' and concrete new rely mainly on a new kind of cement is many things in front of environmental cement traditional that known to mankind and depends on it. For several decades. And the cement new manufactured in one of the industrial facilities pilot of the instraw ' to any ' German to qunyah in the city of karlsr, does not produce in oven temperature 1450 degrees like cement traditional but In a new way do not increase temperature is 200 degrees. Also this cement the new called friend celije ' wish ' also makes quantities affreightment at least ' the low temperature of Fran and non-use Lime in production to reduce carbon dioxide emissions cause Tostan Global Warming. Approximately 50 %' As explained lnventor. this way, German Peter Shtym. And since breakfast shtym deprivation this way with the help of three colleagues after research pre-over 15 years companies businessmen are arriving from every nook and cranny.

         And contribute to the unjspf German transition of renewable energy in this project which would cost about five mlayyn euros and under the fact that the rotors wind used to generate electricity wind energy still made using large quantities of concrete.

         And the view of The Chief Institute Faye Omarska Science building materials in the city of Faye Omarska Horst Myshayyl Ludwig to kocma ' Celije Wish ' was the first of its kind. since the invention of cement some 150 years ago and that cement and concrete did not Enjoy the research underhoused before although the cement has become one of the most materials used in the world, after the water ' the concrete simply a success story, the price of the production a ton of only 80 euros which makes it is non-competition '.

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