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Unit Weight of Materials Used at Construction Site

Unit Weight of Materials Used at Construction Site

Following table shows unit weight of materials used at construction site. Please note this is for reference purpose only and may vary from place and type of material.
Weight in(KG/M³)
Approx Weight at Site in
2Steel7850d²/162d -dia in mm
Dry160050 to 55farma1 farma=1.25cft
River184057 to 63farma1 farma=1.25cft
4Stone(basalt)2850 to 296048 to 52farmametal 12mm to 20mm
6PCC22408.24 to 8.5Cube mouldcube mould size=15x15x15cm
7RCC 2% Steel2420
8Bricks1600 to 19201.9 to 2no9x4x2 3/4″
4.8 to 4.9no9x6x3 3/4”
9Brick Masonry1920
10Soil(damp)176050 to 55cftBlack cotton
11Cement concrete block(solid)180018 to 20cft30x15x20 cm
10 to 11no30x10x20 cm
12Cement Mortar208057 to 62cft
13Lime Mortar176048 to 52cft
15Glass25300.9 to 0.95sft4mm tk plain
16Teak Wood670 to 83018 to 20cft
17Sal Wood99022 to 24cft
18Marble mosaic tile2.8 to 3.2no25x25x22mm
4.8 to 5.2no30x30x25mm
19Chequered tile2.5 to 2.8no25x25x22mm
20Glazed tile15x15cm0.20 to 0.25no5mm tk
21Marble Stone26205.1sft3/4″tk
22Granite Stone2460-28005.35sft3/4″tk
23Coddappa27206.4sft1 1/4″tk
24A.C.sheet corrugated161.2sft
25Bitumen1040220Drum200liter drum
26Window frame (simple design)1.9 to2.1sft
27Door Frame
a)3’00×7’025 to 27nosection 4″x2 1/2″
b)2’6″x7’024 to 26nosection 4″x2 1/2″

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