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Tips and Trick For Preparing Gate 2015

Tips and Trick For Preparing Gate 2015

GATE 2015 is a esteemed exam and clearing it unlatch the doors to many academic benefits. Normally, many students yearn to clear the exam every year. Here is some tips, tricks and data analysis that help you know how many students appears for gate every year:
Tips and Trick For Preparing Gate 2015

Year: 2013

Number of Students who appeared for the exam:  There were about 9.85 lakhs .
Number of Students who cleared the exam: About 1.36 lakhs (roughly about 14%).

Year: 2014

Number of students who have registered for the exam: 10,33,625 candidates(about 10.5 lakhs)
Number of students who have attempted for the exam:8,89,156 candidates(about 8.89 lakhs)
Number of students who cleared for the exam:1, 49,694 candidates (approx 16.4 %).
So you can see how the competition is raising every year.Every year the number of registration for gate get increase by about 1.5 lakhs.In order to get a job in PSU’s or to study in IITS for graduate program gate needs to be cleared and with good score.

 The usual questions that comes in the mind of a normal student are:

  • Am I prepared for GATE 2015?
  • What is the schedule to follow for GATE 2015?
  • What about negative marks in GATE 2015? How they affect the result?
  • Will I be able to clear the exam?
  • and son on…?

Here we provide you the certain tricks that one must follow to give GATE 2015 exam:

  1. GATE Exam is not looking for any syllabus completion from the candidate. A nice understanding of the basic concepts and their application is required. By understanding, it is implied that candidate is not supposed to just be able to grasp & explain but rather this exam requires candidate to have a feel/common sense.
  2. While solving the problem, students must have balance between speed & accuracy.
  3. Preparation time for GATE is subjective and depends on the so many factors such as individual’s aptitude, fundamentals, attitude, concentration level etc., Typically, it requires a proper preparation for 4-6 months for good score in gate.
  4. Keep realizing your performance; it is mandatory to directly jump upon the previous GATE question on the topic you just finished,this will help you to get to know the type of questions that can be asked in the exam related to the topic.
  5. If there is a problem that can be overcome by being innovative and intuitive also helps to reach the correct option quickly. This means that, it is not at all obligatory to solve question in typical way. Practice comes accessible to solve questions quicker so that the balance time can be utilized in some really thought provoking questions (all few questions fall in this category).
  6. You should have done sufficient study/ discussion, so that the moment you start reading the question you should have an intuition on whether you can solve it. One way, is to read multiple books on the same subjects, especially for subjects of your interest or the thrust portion in GATE exam pattern. Also, to support your study with some self notes is good idea. This helps in final revisions.
  7. While preparing always keep your goal in thought and fancy being in the place like top institutes wherever you want to have admission. Always remember “you will definietly get it,if your desire is strong”. So positive mind is the key. Mild tension can be helpful to have kind of motivation or a sense of duty.  But you should avoid thoughts of loosing which can cause loss of concentration and low performance. Read only when you are reading.
  8. In the last days of preparation, if you have any doubts about any topic/formula, you can have a look on these sections. Always remember, more doubts lead to more concept building.
  9. Leave all the books few days before the exam. Have some good time and relax.

Other points to be remembered are:

1. Set your goals
Different goals have different approach and hence it is important to define your goals.
If you are desiring for the top IITs or PSUs, you will need a rank of less than 1000 and hence you will have to prepare assiduously on all topics.
On the other hand, if your goal is to just qualify, then you can afford to leave out two to three topics from your preparation.
2. Take a diagnostic test
Before starting your preparation it is important to know your initial level of competence.
An analysis of your performance in this test will tell you your strengths and areas where improvement is required. Based on this, you can device your preparation planning.
3. Build your concepts
The GATE 2015 is an exam which tests concepts as well as their application thoroughly. Join a good classroom programme or an online tutoring programme that’ll will help strengthen your concepts.
4. Practice makes man perfect
As the old adage goes, there is nothing better than extensive practice. Solve all types of questions you come across in various books and be prepared on all question patterns
5. Familiarise with formulae
Engineering subjects have a lot of formulae, which more often than not have to be memorised. Joted down all formulae as and when you finish each topic or referring to a collection of formulae will help you get familiar.
6. Do not ignore General Ability
General Ability constitutes 15 percent of the total marks and hence is one of the most important sections. Ignore it at your own peril.
7. Appear in a Mock Test Series
Take up a mock test series as it will help you adapt to the online pattern. It will also help you assess your preparation.
8. Relax before the exam
One day before GATE, stop thinking about it. Watch a movie or anything that relaxes you. Appear for the exam with a fresh mind.
9. Don’t stress about results
Remember that GATE 2015 is not the end of the world. Put your best foot forward and do not worry excessively about the results.

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