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General preparation tips for IES Exam

General preparation tips for IES Exam

Start preparations pretty early - in fact when one is pursuing one's degree course. By this, we mean a candidate should be thorough about each and every subject that of study during the graduation course - the concepts should be clear and no topics should be left out. Remember, it is a very tough exam and preparation has to be 100 percent

  • Be very logical when you are replying to questions. Your answers must exhibit your knowledge regarding the topic - so try to answer questions in depth
  • As there is negative marking, it is advisable not to attempt questions if you are not sure about them. Also, ensure that you do not give superficial answers to questions as that will show you in a bad light
  • Refer to past question papers and try to solve as many question papers as possible
  • Answer your questions in a neat and eligible manner as there is a five percent deduction in marks for ineligible answers
  • For the conventional papers, those candidates who present their answers in an effective, orderly manner with choicest of words stand to gain
  • Time plays a major role while taking this exam. Hence, during preparation, try to time yourself, especially for the subjective papers. As answers are expected to exhibit a certain quality, a candidate should be clear on how much time to be spent on each question and must stick to the timing strictly during the exam

  • One may consider going for formal coaching for the IES exam, but it is entirely up to the candidate because there have been cases where people have topped just through self-study

  • Finally, just be sure about yourself and be confident that you will be able to able to crack the IES exam. This positive attitude in you will definitely go a long way in helping you clear this exam

Useful reference books

Strength of Materials /Mechanics of Structure by Gare & Timoshenko, E.Popove, L. Singer, B.C. Punamia

Signal and System by Oppenheim and Willsky

Optical Fiber Communication by J.M. Senior

Engineering Thermodynamics by P.K. Nag, Cengel and Boles

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