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Fundamentals of Building Construction - Materials & Methods

Fundamentals of Building Construction - Materials & Methods


  1    Making Buildings    3

Learning to Build    4
Sustainability    4
The Work of the Design Professional: Choosing 
Building Systems    8
Construction Standards and Information 
Resources    15
The Work of the Construction Professional: 
Constructing Buildings    16
Trends in the Delivery of Design and 
Construction Services    22
Recurring Concerns    23

  2    Foundations    29

Foundation Requirements    30
Foundation Settlement    30
Earth Materials    31
 Considerations of Sustainability 
in Site Work, Excavations, and 
Foundations    38
Excavation    38
Foundations    52
Underpinning    66
Retaining Walls    68
 Geotextiles    71
Waterproofi ng and Drainage    72
Basement Insulation    77
Shallow Frost-Protected Foundations    77
Backfi lling    77
Up–Down Construction    78
Designing Foundations    79
Foundation Design and the Building 
Codes    80

  3    Wood    85

Trees    86
 Considerations of Sustainability in 
Wood Construction    90
Preface to the Fifth Edition    xi Lumber    92
Wood Products    102
 A Naturally Grown Building 
Material    106
Plastic Lumber    106
Wood Panel Products    107
Wood Chemical Treatments    115
Wood Fasteners    117
Manufactured Wood Components    124
Types of Wood Construction    127

  4     Heavy Timber Frame 

Construction    135
Fire-Resistive Heavy Timber Construction    140
 Considerations of Sustainability in 
Heavy Timber Construction    141
Combustible Buildings Framed with Heavy 
Timber    149
Lateral Bracing of Heavy Timber 
Buildings    149
Building Services in Heavy Timber 
Buildings    149
Longer Spans in Heavy Timber    150
 For Preliminary Design of a Heavy 
Timber Structure    156
Heavy Timber and the Building Codes    156
Uniqueness of Heavy Timber Framing    156

  5     Wood Light Frame 

Construction    161
History    163
Platform Frame    164
 Considerations of Sustainability in 
Wood Light Frame Construction    166
Foundations for Light Frame Structures    166
Building the Frame    175
Variations on Wood Light Frame 
Construction    209
 For Preliminary Design of a Wood 
Light Frame Structure    212
Wood Light Frame Construction and the 
Building Codes    212
Uniqueness of Wood Light Frame 
Construction    214

  6     Exterior Finishes for Wood Light Frame 

Construction    221
Protection from the Weather    222
Roofi ng    222
Windows and Doors    230
 Paints and Coatings    234
Siding    238
Corner Boards and Exterior Trim    248
 Considerations of Sustainability 
in Paints and Other Architectural 
Coatings    250
Exterior Construction    251
Sealing Exterior Joints    251
Exterior Painting, Finish Grading, and 
Landscaping    252

  7     Interior Finishes for Wood Light Frame 

Construction    255
Completing the Building 
Enclosure    263
Wall and Ceiling Finish    273
Millwork and Finish Carpentry    273
 Proportioning Fireplaces    274
 Proportioning Stairs    288
Flooring and Ceramic Tile Work    290
Finishing Touches    292
An Enclosure for a Residential Swimming 
An Enclosure for a Residential Swimming 
vi    /    Contents    8    Brick Masonry    297
History    298
Mortar    301
 Considerations of Sustainability in 
Brick Masonry    304
Brick Masonry    304
Masonry Wall Construction    327

  9     Stone and Concrete 

Masonry    337
Stone Masonry    338
 Considerations of Sustainability in 
Stone and Concrete Masonry    350
Concrete Masonry    358
Other Types of Masonry Units    368
Masonry Wall Construction    368

  10     Masonry Wall 

Construction    377
Types of Masonry Walls    378
 For Preliminary Design of a 
Loadbearing Masonry Structure    386
Spanning Systems for Masonry Bearing Wall 
Construction    386
Detailing Masonry Walls    390
Some Special Problems of Masonry 
Construction    395
 Movement Joints in Buildings    396
Masonry and the Building Codes    404
Uniqueness of Masonry    405

  11     Steel Frame 

Construction    411
History    412
The Material Steel    414
 For Preliminary Design of a Steel 
Structure    417
Details of Steel Framing    431
The Construction Process    441
Fireproofi ng of Steel Framing    459
Longer Spans in Steel    464
 Fabric Structures    472
Composite Columns    476
Industrialized Systems in Steel    476
 Considerations of Sustainability in 
Steel Frame Construction    477
Steel and the Building Codes    478
Uniqueness of Steel    478

  12     Light Gauge Steel Frame 

Construction    489
The Concept of Light Gauge Steel 
Construction    490
 Consider ations of Sustainability in 
Light Gauge Steel Framing    491
Framing Procedures    492
Other Common Uses of Light Gauge Steel 
Framing    499
 For Preliminary Design of a Light 
Gauge Steel Frame Structure    502
Contents    /    viiAdvantages and Disadvantages of Light Gauge 
Steel Framing    502
Light Gauge Steel Framing and the Building 
Codes    503
Finishes for Light Gauge Steel Framing     503
 Metals in Architecture    505

  13  Concrete   Construction    515

History    516
Cement and Concrete    517
 Considerations of Sustainability in 
Concrete Construction    520
Making and Placing Concrete    524
Formwork    528
Reinforcing    529
Concrete Creep    544
Prestressing    544
Innovations in Concrete Construction    548
ACI 301    550

14     Sitecast Concrete Framing 

Systems    553
Casting a Concrete Slab on Grade    555
Casting a Concrete Wall    560
Casting a Concrete Column    565
One-Way Floor and Roof Framing Systems    567
Two-Way Floor and Roof Framing Systems    575
Concrete Stairs    581
Sitecast Posttensioned Framing Systems    581
Selecting a Sitecast Concrete Framing 
System    583
Innovations in Sitecast Concrete 
Construction    583
 For Preliminary Design of a Sitecast 
Concrete Structure    586
Architectural Concrete    589
 Cutting Concrete, Stone, and 
Masonry    593
Longer Spans in Sitecast Concrete    598
Designing Economical Sitecast Concrete 
Buildings    601
Sitecast Concrete and the Building 
Codes    601
Uniqueness of Sitecast Concrete    602

  15     Precast Concrete Framing 

Systems    611
Precast, Prestressed Concrete Structural 
Elements    614
 For Preliminary Design of a Precast 
Concrete Structure    615
Assembly Concepts for Precast Concrete 
Buildings    616
Manufacture of Precast Concrete Structural 
Elements    617
Joining Precast Concrete 
Elements    623
 Fastening to Concrete    624
The Construction Process    638
Precast Concrete and the Building 
Codes    638
 Considerations of Sustainability in 
Precast Concrete Construction    639
Uniqueness of Precast Concrete    643
Camera Obscura at Mitchell Park, 
Greenport, New York
Camera Obscura at Mitchell Park, 
Greenport, New York
viii    /    ContentsContents    /    ix

  16    Roofing    651

Low-Slope Roofs    653
 Building Enclosure Essentials: 
Thermal Insulation and Vapor 
Retarder    658
Steep Roofs    678
 Considerations of Sustainability in 
Roofi  ng    692
Sustainable Roofi ng    693
Roofi ng and the Building Codes    697
 Building Enclosure Essentials: 
Dissimilar Metals and the Galvanic 
Series    698

  17    Glass and Glazing    707

History    708
The Material Glass    710
 Considerations of Sustainability 
Relating to Glass    712
Glazing    724
Glass and Energy    736
Glass and the Building Codes    738

  18    Windows and Doors    747

Windows    748
 Plastics in Building Construction    758
 Considerations of Sustainability 
Relating to Windows and Doors    769
Doors    769
Safety Considerations in Windows and 
Doors    775
Fenestration Testing and Standards    775

  19     Designing Exterior Wall 

Systems    783
Design Requirements for the Exterior 
Wall    784
 Considerations of Sustainability in 
Exterior Wall Systems    789
Conceptual Approaches to Watertightness in 
the Exterior Wall    790
Sealant Joints in the Exterior Wall    795
Basic Concepts of Exterior Wall Systems    799
 Building Enclosure Essentials: Air 
Barrier    800
Curtain Wall Testing and Standards    802
The Exterior Wall and the Building Codes    804

  20     Cladding with Masonry 

and Concrete    809
Masonry Veneer Curtain Walls    810
Stone Curtain Walls    817
Precast Concrete Curtain Walls    822
Exterior Insulation and Finish System    828
Future Directions in Masonry and Stone 
Cladding    832
Skating Rink at Yerba Buena Gardens, 
San Francisco
Skating Rink at Yerba Buena Gardens, 
San Francisco
Seattle University School of Law, Seattle, 
Seattle University School of Law, Seattle, 

21     Cladding with Metal and 

Glass    839
Aluminum Extrusions    840
 Considerations of Sustainability in 
Aluminum Cladding    845
Aluminum and Glass Framing Systems    846
Modes of Assembly    848
The Rainscreen Principle in Metal-and-Glass 
Cladding    856
Expansion Joints in Metal-and-Glass 
Walls    862
Sloped Glazing    863
Dual-Layered Glass Cladding    864
Curtain Wall Design and Construction: The 
Process    866

 22     Selecting Interior 

Finishes    869
Installation of Mechanical and Electrical 
Services    870
The Sequence of Interior Finishing 
Operations    872
 Considerations of Sustainability in 
Selecting Interior Finishes    874
Selecting Interior Finish Systems    875
Trends in Interior Finish Systems    879

 23     Interior Walls and Partitions    883

Types of Interior Walls    884
Framed Partition Systems    885
 Considerations of Sustainability in 
Gypsum Products     890
 Plaster Ornament    902
Masonry Partition Systems    916
Wall and Partition Facings    916

  24     Finish Ceilings and Floors    923

Finish Ceilings    924
Types of Ceilings    924
 Considerations of Sustainability in 
Finish Ceilings and Floors    934
Finish Flooring    934
Types of Finish Flooring Materials    940
Flooring Thickness    953


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