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Finite Element Analysis By SS Bhavikatti

Finite Element Analysis By SS Bhavikatti

With The Author1660534_645249075520926_114866373_ns Experience Of Teaching The Courses On Finite Element Analysis To Undergraduate And Postgraduate Students For Several Years, The Author Felt Need For Writing This Book. The Concept Of Finite Element Analysis, Finding Properties Of Various Elements And Assembling Stiffness Equation Is Developed Systematically By Splitting The Subject Into Various Chapters.The Method Is Made Clear By Solving Many Problems By Hand Calculations. The Application Of Finite Element Method To Plates, Shells And Nonlinear Analysis Is Presented. After Listing Some Of The Commercially Available Finite Element Analysis Packages, The Structure Of A Finite Element Program And The Desired Features Of Commercial Packages Are Discussed.


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I am Thomas Britto here to share my experiences in the civil engineering field to all my readers.Today many students are struggling to buy books at high prices. So I decided to start a blog and share my experience and knowledge with all my readers.

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