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Some Important Materials used for the Construction

Some Important Materials used for the Construction

Following some important materials used for the construction of a building.

1.    Bricks.

2.    Sand.

3.    Cement.

4.    Stone.

5.    Coarse Aggregate.

6.    Fine Aggregate.

7.    Timber.

8.    Metal.

9.    Floor Tiles.

10.  Roof Tiles.

11.  Reinforcement.

12.  Plastic Materials.

13.  Doors & Windows.

14.  Asphalt Bitumen.

15.  Coloring Material.

16.  White Cement.

17.  Paints & Varnishes.

18.  Brick Ballast.

19.  Sanitary Materials.

       20.   Water.

       21.   Finishing Tiles. Etc.

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