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Wanted for QS Engineer – Civil Engineering in Chennai ,Tamil Nadu

Wanted for QS Engineer – Civil Engineering in Chennai ,Tamil Nadu

KG Developers & Promoters - Chennai, Tamil Nadu
5 to 10 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry/Building

Construction/Builder office

Site Experience, MS Office, MS Projects
Skill Set & Knowledge

Should be well versed in MS office and pro-active in nature.

1. Understand the Project as a whole which includes Civil, Electrical, Electro mechanical, landscape, PHE, Roads & pavements & other services.

2.Preparation of detailed B.O.Q. on the basis of drawings

3. Scrutinize and validate the B.O.Q. received from the consultants.

4.Preparation of Tender Documents in house/compile the  documents received from various consultants

5. Application of NBC/IS codes, schedule of rates, study and

interpret tenders / contracts.

6. Receive, verify, recommend R.A. bills submitted by contractors  after thorough verification /reconciliation of client supplied  materials and statutory and other deduction clauses.

7.Rate analysis of all items & maintaining a data bank Job Role

8.Collecting & Documenting Joint Measurement Records

9.Preparation of Budgets/Estimates

10.Collect, Record, Document the contractual obligation of the  contractor through proofs/receipts/certificates like, ESI, PF, Tax, Income tax, insurance, guarantee, warrantee etc

11. Anticipating / identify contract variations, scrutinize extra claims, verify sub-contract’s bills, prepare final accounts etc.

12.Establish a Master Rates data bank and update it for all construction materials

13.Keep up to date the market rates and predict/forecast the increase/decrease the market prices and apply in the estimates

14.Prepare cost to complete estimates

15. Preparation of MIS reports for all the assigned projects and delivering as per the communication protocol.

Communication English Expert

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