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Civil Engineer Model Cover Letter

Thomas Britto J
2/308 Main Road,Pillayar Patti,
Tamil Nadu,India
Dear Sir:
Your advertisement in XXXX Newspaper that you are looking for a Civil Engineer with a mix of fresher and experience of civil engineering.I deem myself befitting this description.I had the opportunity to work on diverse construction projects and have been responsible for designing and implementing engineering designs to bring the projects to fruition successfully.My expertise lies in creating detailed plans and critical path analysis.
One strong point that I reply on,when undertaking a construction project,is the ability to work in accordance to a project’s feasibility.My knowledge of working within budgets and project resources helps me supervise work activities in a time and cost effective manner which I believe is the essence of every project.Additionally,my aptitude in processing financial measurements for each individual project has been the secret of my success over the years as my references will vouch.
My resume speak for my suitability for this position.I would welcome the chance to meet you personally and provide further augmentation to my claims here.I will call you to ask for a mutually comfortable time of meeting and will be available at +918807423228  if you need to contact me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

Thomas Britto J

About Author:

I am Thomas Britto here to share my experiences in the civil engineering field to all my readers.Today many students are struggling to buy books at high prices. So I decided to start a blog and share my experience and knowledge with all my readers.

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