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Beam:-A structural member which is acted upon by a system of external loads at right angles to its axis is known as beam.


LOADING:-It is a type of weight put on the beam which causes the beam to deflect or bend in shape.


TYPES OF BEAMS:-There are five types of beams as under:-

                                   1.Cantilever Beam:-A cantilever beam is one whose one end is fixed and the other end carries a point or concentrated load.     

                              2. Simply Supported Beam:-A simply supported beam is one which carries two reaction forces at its two ends & a point load at its mid-point.

                                      3.Overhanging Beam:-It is a type of simply supported beam which overhangs from its supports.An overhanging beam may overhang on one side only or on both sides of the supports.

                               4. Rigidly Fixed Or Built-In-Beam:-It is a type of beam in which both ends are fixed and carries a point load at its centre.

                             5. Continuous Beam:-It is a type of overhanging beam which consists of a numerous reaction forces and point loads.

TYPES OF LOADINGS:-A beam may be subjected to either or in combination of the following types of loads:-

                                      1.Concentrated Or Point Load:-It is a type of load which acts at the centre of the beam as shown below:-

                                  2. Uniformly Distributed Load:-It is a type of load which is distributed uniformly over the entire length of the beam.

                                      3. Uniformly Varying Load:-These are the loads varying uniformly from zero to a particular value and spread over a certain length of the beam.Such load is also called triangular load.

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