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Salary in Dubai For Civil Engineer

Salary in Dubai For Civil Engineer

Average and Median Monthly Salary Comparison in Dubai in Civil Engineer
 Maximum: 30,000 AED

 Average: 14,085 AED

 Median: 12,000 AED

 Minimum: 3,000 AED

Civil Engineer VS Engineering VS All Jobs
Average Salary in Dubai in Civil Engineer
14,085 AED
Average Salary in Dubai in Engineering
15,514 AED
Average Salary in Dubai (all jobs)
18,679 AED
Salary Comparison By Job Title (Average Monthly Salary)
Some jobs pay more than others. Displayed below is the salary comparison by job title. Clicking on any of them will display data only for the chosen item.

Job Title
Average Salary
Purchasing Engineer
2,500 AED
Maintenance Engineer
3,875 AED
6,767 AED
HVAC Engineering
7,000 AED
Quality Assurance Engineer
8,107 AED
Sales Engineer
10,050 AED
Irrigation Engineer
11,033 AED
Work Planner
11,500 AED
Electrical Engineer
11,529 AED
Mechanical Engineer
11,908 AED
Project Engineer
13,365 AED
Civil Engineer
14,085 AED
Field Engineer
14,714 AED
Design Engineer
14,865 AED
Production Engineer
15,000 AED
Equipment Engineering Manager
16,500 AED
Geotechnical Engineer
16,750 AED
Product Engineer
18,000 AED
Rail Engineering
18,083 AED
Field Engineering Manager
18,975 AED
Drilling Engineer
20,000 AED
Product Development Engineer
21,750 AED
Electrical Engineering Manager
22,000 AED
Materials Engineer
22,250 AED
Project Manager
24,033 AED
Highway Engineer
25,000 AED
Oil and Petrochemical Engineer
27,160 AED
Process Engineer
28,000 AED
Mechanical Engineering Manager
29,750 AED
Marine Engineer
32,000 AED
Assistant Chief Engineer
36,667 AED
Transportation Engineer
40,000 AED

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