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J.Thomas Britto
Dept of civil engineering college, Thanjavur

Now a day’s solid waste management is one of the major environmental concerns in our India. The main aim of this study is to investigate the change in mechanical properties of concrete with the addition of recycle plastic in brick bats. The global demand for concrete is ever increasing and there is no doubt that the idea of reliable, flexible, eco-friendly products is very attractive. In this paper we take an effort to investigate the combined effect of recycled Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) and brick bats in concrete. It is found that the use of results in the formation of lightweight concrete. The compressive, as well as tensile strength of concrete reduces with the introduction of plastics. The most important change brought about by the use of plastics is that the thermal conductivity of concrete is reduced by using plastics in concrete. Therefore, it can be said that recycle plastics can be used for thermal insulation of buildings. In more developed societies, recycling technology has been the solution of choice but in developing countries, like India and other neighbour countries. It may not be eco-friendly feasible based on the relatively huge volumes of plastics produced. Hence we need to determine innovative ways to re-use plastic. Brick bats are mostly obtained from the brick manufacturing industries in around the world. This is the main reason we used RP-BB as aggregates in construction materials.

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