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Vastu tips for a House

Vastu tips for a House

Below are some of the Basic Vastu principles followed in planning.
Bore well point - North east
More Open space – North east for free flow of air Doors and windows to be provided in this area.
Master Bed room -   South west /Nairuthis) or south or west corner of the house
Cupboard in the bedroom   – At South, West or Southwest(Nairuthi)
No doors at –  South west corner of bed room
 Entrance to the bedroom – At northeast corner either towards east or north sides.or(southeast corner towards southside, the next one is northwest corner towards west sides
Study room  –   At ishanya corner.
Dining room –   West or south portion of the house.
Pooja room  –    Gods be seated at East facing and inmate has to sit and worship God by seeing the towards West side
Kitchen  –           South east Aagneya
Main entrance  – North / East facing preferred by most, other facings also possible depending on the planning possibilities.

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