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The way to prepare for IES

The way to prepare for IES

 If you are working then you need to have a battle will time inorder to devote time for studies after your daily schedule and work.the fundas are quiet easy only one needs to stick to it.(freshers or non employed can also follow the below steps with little more time in reference book study and question solving)
a.     Just do that much of work so that you can get satisfactory band or performence, dont try to over involve in work==more pressure & more work demand means your study is going to collapse.
b.    Dont compare with the other collegues that they are enjoying more life or partying more and one needs to avoid time wastage by reframing from these pretty things.ofcourse enjoy some parties,coz things will then become boring.
c.     Manage to get atlest 3-4 hours of study from your daily schedule, this can also include saving time in office hours in caffetaria hangout etc.
d.    Try to finish the course  from photostat notes(either made easy/ace academy etc.) First as you will have knowledge about the course structure in that subject, the wise thing after that will be that go to the numericals(ofcourse solved ones) of that topic/subject as they will be very imp. For convectinal(scoring in conv. Is important  as you know you are competing in ec so you will miss either by 20-30 or by big margin) and use sticky notes on book to ques. You thick you had some trick or was nice example so that you can simply go through that part in last week of preparation.
e.     Complete one subject and go through the previous year objective paper(also conv. Paper too) and mark the ques which you were not able to answer in first attempt or had some good concept behind.recall them at last week .
f.      For gs paper go through made easy booklet and too importantly these topics
History :- modern history,social reforms and institute constituted by which persons and imp. Congress sessions. Geography :- indian geography by hard
Life sciences :- deficency of vitamins/elements , disease is virus/fungus/bacteria caused.
Current affairs :- India involvement in organisation(saarc/nam/brics etc.) As well as where these were lastly held and defense exercise and weapons.go through made easy current affairs magzine.

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