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Bentley WaterCAD

Bentley WaterCAD

Water Distribution Modeling and Management
Easy and Customizable
Model hydraulics, operations, fire flow, criticality, and water quality with ease using your favorite environment.

Customize your WaterCAD with advanced calibration and leakage detection, optimized pump scheduling, automatic design, and skeletonization modules as your modeling requirements grow.
Included and Available Interfaces
WaterCAD includes, out-of-the-box, two interoperable platforms, letting you choose the environment that best fits your skills and modeling requirements.

1. Windows stand-alone: Enjoy unparalleled ease-of-use and versatility, multiple background support, advanced thematic mapping, powerful element symbology features, and conversion utilities from CAD, GIS, and databases.

2. Run in MicroStation: Support for MicroStation is included at no additional cost; seamlessly use every WaterCAD feature within MicroStation's powerful engineering design and geospatial environment.

AutoCAD users: WaterCAD's award-winning AutoCAD interface is available as an add-on feature so you can directly leverage AutoCAD's drafting tools with your WaterCAD models.

ArcGIS users: Upgrade your WaterCAD license to WaterGEMS to unlock the impressive ArcGIS integration features. WaterGEMS also includes a stand-alone environment, runs in MicroStation and AutoCAD, and includes all WaterCAD add-on modules.

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