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Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering
B.E. (Civil Engineering)
Duration:4 Year(s)
Type: Degree Level: Graduation
Eligibility: 10+2 or Equivalent Course
Details:- Subject Code Subject
HS1101 Technical English I
MA1101 Mathematics I
HS1102 Engineering Physics I
HS1103 Engineering Chemistry I
ME1101 Engineering Graphics CS1101 Fundamentals of Computing and Programming

CS1102 Computer Practice Laboratory I
GE1101 Engineering Practices Laboratory
HS1104 Physics and Chemistry
Laboratory I * Note:- Laboratory classes on alternate weeks for Physics and Chemistry. The lab examinations (including the First Semester Experiments) will be held only in the second semester.

HS1151 Technical English II*
MA1151 Mathematics II*
HS1152 Engineering Physics II*
HS1153 Engineering Chemistry II*
CE1151 EE1151 EE1152 Engineering Mechanics (For
all Non - Circuit Branches) Circuit Theory (Common to EEE,EIE
and ICE Branches ) Electric Circuits and Electron Devices (For ECE, CSE, IT and Bio- Medical Engineering Branches)
EE1153 GE1151 Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Common to branches under Civil,
Mechanical and Technology Faculties) Basic Civil & Mechanical Engineering (Common to branches under Electrical Engineering and Information & Communication Engineering Faculties)

CS1151 Computer Practice Laboratory II*
HS1154 Physics & Chemistry Laboratory II*
ME1151 EE1154 EE1155 Computer Aided Drafting and Modeling Laboratory (For all Non - Circuit Branches)
Electrical Circuits Laboratory (Common to EEE,EIE and ICE
Branches ) Circuits and Devices Laboratory (For ECE, CSE, IT and
Bio-Medical Engineering Branches)

MA1201 Transforms and Partial Differential Equations
HS1201 Environmental Science and Engineering
CE1201 Applied Geology
CE1202 Mechanics of Solids
CE1203 Mechanics of Fluids
CE1204 Construction Techniques, Equipments and Practice
CE1205 Surveying I

CE1206 Surveying Practical I
CE1207 Computer Aided Building Drawing

MA1251 Numerical Methods
CE1251 Soil Mechanics
CE1252 Strength of Materials
CE1253 Applied Hydraulic Engineering
CE1254 Surveying II
CE1255 Highway Engineering

CE1256 Strength of Material Laboratory
CE1257 Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory
CE1258 Surveying Practical II

CE1301 BuildingTechnology
CE1302 Design of Reinforced Concrete Elements
CE1303 Structural Analysis I
CE1304 Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and GIS
CE1305 Environmental Engineering
CE1306 Foundation Engineering

CE1307 Environmental Engineering Laboratory
CE1308 Soil Mechanics Laboratory
CE1309 Field Survey - Survey Camp

CE1351 Design of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Structures
CE1352 Structural Analysis II
CE1353 Irrigation Engineering
CE1354 Design of Steel Structures
CE1355 Concrete Technology
CE1356 Railway Engineering

CE1357 Irrigation Engineering and Environmental Engineering Design and Drawing
CE1358 Transportation Engineering Laboratory
HS1301 Communication and Soft Skills Laboratory

MG1301 Total Quality Management
CE1401 Estimation and Quantity Surveying
CE1402 Pre Stressed Concrete Structures
CE1403 Hydrology E1**** Elective I E2**** Elective II

CE1405 Computer Aided Design and Drawing
CE1406 Concrete Laboratory

GE1451 Engineering Economics and Cost Analysis
CE1451 Construction Project Management E3**** Elective III E4**** Elective IV

CE1455 Project Work Elective I
GE1301 Professional Ethics and Human Values
EE1001 Special Electrical Machines
CS1358 Computer Architecture
CS1029 Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems
CS1030 Network Analysis and Synthesis Elective III
C1001 Adaptive Control I
C1016 Bio- Medical Instrumentation
EC1020 Embedded System Design
EE1002 Power System Dynamics
EE1003 High Voltage Engineering Elective III
CS1031 Operating Systems
EE1004 Power System Transients
CS1032 Internetworking Technology
EC1021 Mobile Communication
CS1033 Data Communication and Networks Elective IV
EE1005 Power Quality
EI1002 Process Control I
C1401 Virtual Instrumentation
CS1452 Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Control
EE1006 Electric Safe

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