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Irrigation Engineering Question Bank

Irrigation Engineering
1.duty and delta and derive their relationship?
2.irrigation projects in the Indian context
3.canal irrigation system various
location from main canal to field channel. methods to improve the duty in
that system.
4.various type of irrigation efficiencies and discuss any four
5.planning and the development of irrigation project in the Indian
6.methods of improving duty
7.irrigation effic,types of efficiencies
8.important irrigation projects of our country
9.ill effects of irrigation?
10.soil water plant relationship
11.impt of crop rotation
12.merits and demerits of irrigation
1.canal irrigation
2.lift irrigation
3.tank irrigation
4.flooding methods
5.sprinkler irrigation methods
6.drip irrigation?
7.'Sprinkler' and 'drip' methods of irrigation systems.
8.'relative merits' of the above two methods of irrigation
9.classification of 'surface irrigation
10.methods of surface irrigation system
11.method of irrigation
12.suitability of sprinkler irrigation for Indian condition
1.types of dams
2.tanks, sluices and weirs
3.types of dams and dam arches
4.forces acting on a dam features of cross drainage works
6.causes of failure of earth dams
7.major types of spillways.
8.designing various components of weir built on permeable
foundation using kosala theory
9. With sketch explain the merits and demerits of earthen dam?
10. What are factors to be considered during hydraulic design of dams?
1.river training works
2.types of river training works banks
4.canal falls
5.classification of canals?
6.type of cross-drainage
7. design of a canal trough for an aqueduct syphon
8.metered and non-metered' fall
9.types modern falls recognized
10.principles of design of a straight glacis fall
11.methods to improve canal irrigation
UNIT - V works?
2.need for water user's association
3.need for optimization of water use
4.percolation pond
5.role of farmers in water management
6.main functions of a head regulator
7.main functions of a 'cross-regulator of 'cross regulator' and
'distributing head regulator'
9.ways of 'minimizing irrigation water losses'?
10.percolation pond
11.'participatory irrigation management

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