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UNIT I   CONCRETE MAKING MATERIALS                                                     9
Aggregates  classification  –  IS  Specifications  –  Properties  –  Grading  –  Methods  of
combining aggregates – Specified gradings – Testing of aggregates – Cement– Grade of
cement– Chemical composition – Testing of concrete – Hydration of cement– Structure of
hydrated cement – Special cements – Water chemical admixtures– Mineral admixture.

UNIT II           CONCRETE                                                                                               9  
Properties of fresh concrete – Hardened concrete – Strength – Elastic properties – Creep
and shrinkage– Variability of concrete strength.

UNIT III          MIX DESIGN                                                                                                9
Principles of concrete mix design – Methods of concrete mix design – Testing of
UNIT IV          SPECIAL CONCRETE                                           9
Light weight concrete – Fly ash concrete – Fibre reinforced concrete – Polymer concrete
–Super plasticized concrete – Epoxy resins and screeds for rehabilitation – Properties and
applications – High performance concrete.
UNIT V            CONCRETING METHODS                                                                    9
Process  of  manufacturing  of  concrete  –  Methods  of  transportation,  placing  and  curing–
Extreme  weather  concreting  –  Special  concreting  methods  –Vaccum  dewatering  –
Underwater concrete – Special from work.
   Total: 45
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