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UNIT I           INTRODUCTION                          9
Irrigation – Need and mode of irrigation – Merits and demerits of irrigation – Crop and
crop  seasons  –  Consumptive  use  of  water  –  Duty  –  Factors  affecting  duty  –  Irrigation
efficiencies – Planning and development of irrigation projects.

UNIT II          IRRIGATION METHODS                     9
Canal  irrigation  –  Lift  irrigation  –  Tank  irrigation  –  Flooding  methods  –  Merits  and
demerits – Sprinkler irrigation – Drip irrigation.

UNIT III        DIVERSION AND IMPOUNDING STRUCTURES                             9
Weirs  –  Elementary  profile  of  a  weir  –  Weirs  on  pervious  foundations  –  Types  of
impounding structures – Tanks, sluices and weirs – Gravity dams – Earth dams – Arch
dams  –  Spillways  –  Factors  affecting  location  and  type  of  dams  –  Forces  on  a  dam  –
Hydraulic design of dams.

UNIT IV        CANAL IRRIGATION                                     9
Alignment of canals – Classification of canals – Canal drops – Hydraulic design of drops
– Cross drainage works – Hydraulic design of cross drainage works – Canal Head works
– Canal regulators – River Training works. 

UNIT V          IRRIGATION WATER MANAGEMENT                                             9
Need  for  optimisation  of  water  use  –  Minimising  irrigation  water  losses  –  On  farm
development works – Percolation ponds – Participatory irrigation management – Water
users   associations   –   Changing   paradigms   in   water   management   –   Performance

Total: 45
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