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L    T    P    C
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UNIT I           DEFLECTION OF DETERMINATE STRUCTURES                          9
Principles of virtual work for deflections – Deflections of pin-jointed plane frames and
rigid plane frames – Willot diagram – Mohr’s correction.

UNIT II          MOVING LOADS AND INFLUENCE LINES                            9
Influence  lines  for  reactions  in  statically  determinate  structures  –  Influence  lines  for
members  forces  in  pin-jointed  frames  –  Influence  lines  for  shear  force  and  bending
moment  in  beam  sections  –  Calculation  of  critical  stress  resultants  due  to  concentrated
and  distributed  moving  loads  –  Muller  Breslau’s  principle  –  Influence  lines  for
continuous beams and single storey rigid frames – Indirect model analysis for influence
lines of indeterminate structures – Beggs deformeter.

UNIT III        ARCHES                                         9
Arches as structural forms – Examples of arch structures – Types of arches – Analysis of
three hinged, two hinged and fixed arches, parabolic and circular arches – Settlement and
temperature effects.

UNIT IV        SLOPE DEFLECTION METHOD                             9
Continuous  beams  –  Settlement  rigid  frames  (without  sway)  –  Principles  of  symmetry
and anti symmetry.

UNIT V          MOMENT DISTRIBUTION METHOD                             9
Analysis of continuous beams – Settlement – Plane rigid frames with and without sway –
Naylor’s simplification.

L: 45 T: 15 Total: 60
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