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UNIT I           FORCES AND STRAIN MEASUREMENT                                          9  
Strain gauge – Principle –  Types –  Performance and  uses – Photo elasticity –  Principle
and    applications  –   Moire  Fringe  –   Hydraulic  jacks  and  pressure  gauges  –  Electronic
load cells – Proving rings – Calibration of testing machines.        

UNIT II          VIBRATION MEASUREMENTS                                                  9
Characteristics  of  structural  vibrations  –  Linear  Variable  Differential  Transformer
(LVDT)– Transducers for velocity and acceleration measurements.
Vibration meter – Seismographs – Vibration analyzer – Display and recording of signals
–  Cathode  Ray  Oscilloscope  –  XY  Plotter  –  Chart  plotters  –  Digital  data  acquisition
UNIT III        ACOUSTICS AND WIND FLOW MEASURES                                    9
Principles of Pressure and flow measurements – Pressure transducers – Sound level meter
–  Venturimeter  and  flow  meters  –  Wind  tunnel  and  its  use  in  structural  analysis  –
Structural modeling – Direct and indirect model analysis.          

UNIT IV         DISTRESS MEASUREMENTS   AND CONTROL                             9
Diagnosis of distress in structures – Crack observation and measurements – Corrosion of
reinforcement  in  concrete  –  Half  cell,  construction  and  use  –  Damage  assessment  –
Controlled blasting for demolition.                

UNIT V          NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING METHODS                                       9
Load testing on structures, buildings, bridges and towers – Rebound hammer – Acoustic
emission – Ultrasonic testing principles and application – Holography – Use of laser for
structural testing – Brittle coating.     
Total:  45
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