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L    T    P    C
3     0     0    3
UNIT I           PLANNING                                               9
Classification of industries and industrial structures – General requirements for industries
like  cement,  chemical  and  steel  plants  –  Planning  and  layout  of  buildings  and

UNIT II          FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS                                               9
Lighting – Ventilation – Accounts – Fire safety – Guidelines from factories act.

UNIT III        DESIGN OF STEEL STRUCTURES                                            9
Industrial roofs – Crane girders – Mill buildings – Design of bunkers and silos.

UNIT IV        DESIGN OF R.C. STRUCTURES                                                           9
Silos and bunkers – Chimneys – Principles of folded plates and shell roofs.

UNIT V          PREFABRICATION                                                   9
Principles of prefabrication – Prestressed precast roof trusses – Functional requirements
for precast concrete units.

Total: 45
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