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UNIT I           GENERAL                            9
Water resources survey – Water resources of India and Tamilnadu – Description of water
resources  planning  –  Economics  of  water  resources  planning,  physical  and  socio
economic data – National water policy – Collection of meteorological and hydrological
data for water resources development.

UNIT II          NETWORK DESIGN                              9
Hydrologic measurements – Analysis of hydrologic data – Hydrologic station network –
Station network design – Statistical techniques in network design.

UNIT III        WATER RESOURCE NEEDS                         9
Consumptive  and  non-consumptive  water  use  –  Estimation  of  water  requirements  for
irrigation, drinking and navigation – Water characteristics and quality – Scope and aims
of  master  plan  –  Concept  of  basin  as  a  unit  for  development  –  Water  budget  and
development plan.

UNITIV         RESERVOIR PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT                              9
Reservoir – Single and multipurpose – Multi objective – Fixation of storage capacity –
Strategies for reservoir operation – Sedimentation of reservoirs – Design flood levees and
flood walls – Channel improvement.

UNIT V          ECONOMIC ANALYSIS                                                      9
Estimation  of  cost  and  evaluation  of  benefits  –  Discount  rate  –  Discounting  factors  –
Discounting techniques – Computer applications.
        Total: 45
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