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UNIT I           INTRODUCTION                                              9
Need for prefabrication – Principles – Materials – Modular coordination – Standarization
– Systems – Production – Transportation – Erection.

UNIT II          PREFABRICATED COMPONENTS                                            9
Behaviour of structural components – Large panel constructions – Construction of roof
and floor slabs – Wall panels – Columns – Shear walls.

UNIT III        DESIGN PRINCIPLES                                               9
Disuniting of structures – Design of cross section based on efficiency of material used –
Problems in design because of joint flexibility – Allowance for joint deformation.

UNIT IV        JOINT IN STRUCTURAL MEMBERS                                        9
Joints  for  different  structural  connections  –  Dimensions  and  detailing  –  Design  of
expansion joints.

UNIT V          DESIGN FOR ABNORMAL LOADS                                           9
Progressive  collapse  –  Code  provisions  –  Equivalent  design  loads  for  considering
abnormal  effects  such  as  earthquakes,  cyclones,  etc  –  Importance  of  avoidance  of
progressive collapse.

Total: 45
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