Building Materials in Civil Engineering


Building Materials in Civil Engineering


1 Introduction

Definitions and Classifications of Building Materials 
Characteristics of Building Materials and Their Status in
Architecture .
The Development of Building Materials
The Introduction of Building Materials’ Technical Standards 
Characters, Purposes, Tasks and Learning Methods of Building
Materials Curriculum

2 The Basic Properties of Building Materials

2.1 Compositions and Structures of Materials and the Influence of
Their Constructions on the Properties
2.2 Physical Properties of Materials
2.3 Mechanical Properties of Materials
2.4 Decorativeness of Materials 
2.5 Durability of Materials 
iv Building materials in civil engineering

3 Air Hardening Binding Materials 

3.1 Building Gypsum 
3.2 Lime 
3.3 Magnesia 
3.4 Soluble Glass 

4 Cement 

4.1 Portland Cement
4.2 Blended Portland Cement 
4.3 Other Varieties of Cement

5 Concrete

5.2 Components of Ordinary Concrete
5.3 Thc Main Technical Properties of Ordinary Concrete
5.4 The Quality Control and the Strength Evaluation of Concrete 
5.5 The Design of the Mix Proportion of Ordinary Concrete
5.6 Other Varieties of Concrete 

6 Building Mortar

The Composition of Mortar 
The Main Technical Properties of Mortar 
6.3 Masonry Mortar 
Other Kinds of Building Mortar 

7 Wall and Roof Materials 

7.1 Wall Bricks
7.2 Wall Blocks 
7.3 Wall Plates 
7.4 Roof Materials 

8 Construction Steel .

8.1 Classifications of Steel .
8.2 Characteristics of Steel .
8.3 Cold Working, Ageing and Welding 
8.4 Standards and Selection of Building Steel .
8.5 Fire Protection of Steel 
8.6 Corrosion and Prevention of Steel 

9 Wood

9.1 Classifications and Structures of Wood 
9.2 Physical and Mechanical Properties of Wood 
9.3 Wood Preservation 
9.4 Applications of Wood in Architecture 

10 Waterproof Materials 

10.1 Asphalt 
Waterproof Asphalt Materials
New Waterproof Materials 

11 Building Plastic 

11.3 Applications of Building Plastic 
Heat-insulating Materials and Sound-absorbing Materials .
12.2 Sound-absorbing Materials 
vi Building materials in civil enginccring
13 Finishing Materials
13.1 Basic Requirements and Selecting Principles of Finishing
Appendix Tests of Building Materials .
Test One Tests of Materials' Basic Properties .
Test Two Lime Test .
Test Three Cement Test .
Test Four Concrete Aggregate Test 
Test Five Tests of the Main Technical Properties of Ordinary
Concrete .
Test Six Building Mortar Test .
Test Seven Fired Common Brick Test ..
Test Eight Steel Bar Test ...
Test Nine Petroleum Asphalt Test .
Test Ten Test of Elastic (Plastic) Modified Asphalt Waterproof
Coiled Materials

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