Procedure of Building Design


Procedure of Building Design

1) Mark Columns in Architectural Plans such that there will be 50 % horizontal columns and 50 % vertical Columns

2) THen if you have no BAsement then mark Plinth Beams on Ground floor Architectural plan

3) Then in the same Ground Floor Plan mark 1st floor beams

4) Then if you have ground plus 1 story building then it means one Level is Ground floor and there will be two slab level means 1st floor slab level and Roof Slab Level

5) Now In 1st floor architectural Plan mark Roof beams

6)First Assume Size of column as this , if you have wall thickness of 8 inch then column width will be 8 inch and assume initially LEngth of 24 inch

7) For Beam sizes , width will be same as of wall thickness or more than wall thickness but not less than that , for depth see ArchitecturaL Sections , and ask architect whether he or she is providing Lintel above door or window if yes then Ask him or her about height of Lintel and PRovide Beam Depth upto top of lintel

8) Now column and beams sizes are assumed , now Calculate Slab thickness by seeing Panel or Area of Slabs and provide thickness of slab

9) Now SLab thickness , Beam and columns sizes are finalized Initially

10) Now make 3d Model of whole building in Etabs Accurately , Apply Walls Loadings , Slab loadings as per UBC or ASCE live loads , Apply finishes loads , sunk load

11) now analyse it and For checking whether your model is correct or not , Calculate Column loads by catchment area method and compate it with 3d etabs model , if there is huge difference then check ur model as well as manual calculation
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